We are on a mission to 

Stop starvation and hunger around our world, in our lifetimes.


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Hunger Mission


Our mission: STOP STARVATION. Plain. Pure. Simple. Have $1? Why wait? Donate. Share. Show you care. We believe WE CAN make a difference. We believe YOU CAN make a difference. We believe We ALL can do something. Please help us. Save lives. Stop starvation -- in your country, around the world, in our lifetimes.  Please help us.

Your mission:  Have you thought about what YOUR mission in life is?  What do you feel your purpose in life is?  When you get time, write down your very own personal mission statement.  That statement will help you work toward your goals.  If you don't feel you have a purpose yet, simply ask God to show you what He would have you do with your life.  And, read your Bible.  If you don't have a Bible, contact us and we'll see you get one.  Never fear, your God is near.  You CAN make a difference down here on this earth!!   There are many organizations that are helping people fight hunger or other urgent human needs.  With the recurring disasters and climate changes, your help is needed more than ever.  Be inspired and get busy!   And NEVER, EVER give up!

Please . . .
Stop and think.
Wouldn't it be great if those of us in the world
with a little extra money to spare;
at least a small donation, say even a $1 donation,
donated toward a hunger charity?
How much money could that add up to?

When you see how many people are still attending concert and sports events, the average person in the developed nations aren't so bad off that they can't spare a dollar yet, thankfully. Take a moment and think about perhaps even yourself please. How much money did you (or someone you know) spend on movies, shopping, eating out, concerts, sports, lottery tickets or gifts for yourself or others this past year?

Now think of how many children you could have helped if you and your friends, all just gave $1 (or even $10)? Maybe buy one less burger, fry, pizza, or coffee, designer beer, grinder, sub, etc. Why not click on a starvation charity's button instead? Slowly, but surely, those dollars would all add up. Even pennies add up! And before we all know it, thousands, if not millions of dollars, will have been donated to stop starvation.

Thank you for joining with us to stop starvations. Feel free to check out any of the helpful websites listed under Hunger Relief. Be reassured the poor children of this world (including unfortunate children in our very own country) THANK YOU as they eat this urgently needed food. They are the lucky ones. You may take comfort as you think of all the people you may hope to meet someday when your life on this earth is over.

Congratulations on understanding that YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE and not just saying you'll do it someday, but instead finding a way to type or press a donation button! Big, small, whatever, these children will be truly grateful if you just donate something, anything; as any amount you can spare will help stop starvation. Bless your hearts!, 6757 Cascade Rd SE 110, Grand Rapids, MI 49546 / email: [email protected]