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Food Resources


There are many local food pantries, food banks, food sharing or other organizations whose purpose is to help people who are in need of food for their families. Perhaps you know of a good food pantry near you that you could refer to a needy family.

In addition to food pantries, also remember that your local churches may stock their church food pantries for needy parishioners, as well as the general community. When you can, drop some cans or unopened boxes of food off to them. Most likely, they will not refuse it but will be grateful for your donations.

It is good for you to know where your local food pantries or food banks are located. When there is a national emergency or war, store shelves empty and the internet may go down when your family needs to stockpile food quickly. Finally, if you use food pantry supplies, try not to abuse the privilege once you are making decent money again. In fact, if you have extra food, funds, or time to spare, please remember to donate to your closest local food resource. If you use the personal touch, hopefully they will remember you helped if you call them needing food in the future.

Local businesses should also be encouraged to stock some type of locked food pantry for their workers who may experience shortages from time to time. Perhaps you could bring this idea up to your place of employment (if you are so lucky to have a steady job). Don't forget to buy extra food to have on hand at your home for any type of emergency situation, especially food that requires little or no heating such as cereals, soups, crackers, peanut butter, etc.

Following are some food pantry and food bank websites. If you are involved with a food pantry, food bank, or other food resource and it is not accessible on one of these lists, please let us know. Do not forget to check back as this list updates.


Food Pantry / Food Bank Websites


Food Sharing Websites



Feeding Forward

Food Cowboy

Food to Donate

Food Rescue

Campus Kitchens


The above list of food websites and/or apps created for those of you using smart phones, etc. may help you access (or donate) extra food that you would like to share.    This list shall be expanding.    As with ride sharing websites, be sure to do an internet search for any problems that may be connected with any  suggested websites.   Internet websites and company situations may change occasionally and it is not possible for us to keep abreast of these changes.  We are simply listing these to help you help others.